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Battlefront releases plastic British Comet Platoon

Battlefront has released their plastic British Comet Platoon for Flames of War. Note: They're not actual comets. They're tanks. If they were real comets, that'd change Flames of War from a Historical game to a Sci-Fi one. Though, perhaps some day in the far future, we will use actual comets during warfare, so it could be Historical then. But I've gotten way off-topic here.
Anyway, their new plastic British Comet Tank Platoon is now available.

From the release:

The Cruiser Tank (A34) Comet was the pinnacle of British cruiser tank development, following on from the Cruiser Mk VIII (A27) Cromwell. With its powerful 600hp Rolls-Royce Meteor engine, the Comet retained the Cromwell's speed, but with improved armour protection. Its powerful 77mm gun was a match for all but the heaviest enemy tanks.