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Battlefront Releases Local Resistance for Flames Of War Vietnam

One of the things that made Vietnam such a difficult conflict was that just about anyone could be working for either side. Unlike previous wars, there was no real set "front." It wasn't so much that you could easily point at a spot on the map and go, "the enemy's here, but they're not over here." There are many factors that led to this. Many local peoples were working for either the Communist or Imperialist forces, and it was nearly impossible to tell who was who. Now, that confusion can come to your tabletop with Battlefront's new Local Resistance box for Flames of War Vietnam.

This new set comes with 6 "civilian" teams, as well as 6 sampan river boats, used to transport goods, personnel, weapons... and basically anything else that'd fit on them and not cause them to sink. Being something that was seen on the waterways all the time, they were naturally camouflaged.