Battlefront previews their Heavy Laser Bunker for Dust Tactics

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 12th, 2013

Battlefront gives us a look at another of the weapon emplacements they’ve got coming out for Dust Tactics with a preview of the Heavy Laser Bunker.

From the preview:

As the war grows ever deadlier, soldiers have come to rely on the safety that battlefield fortification can provide. This box contains a modular plastic kit designed to create bunkers and strongpoints that can be outfitted with either the Single or Dual Heavy Laser Guns.

Hold the line with the Axis Fortification pack!

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  • Grim6

    This looks fantastic, and seeing these pieces makes me feel better about the FFG to Battlefront transition.

    • Gallahad

      I agree, I just hope the prices are comparable to what they were before the transition. Battlefront isn’t exactly known for either fantastic prices or the ability to keep products in stock.

  • grimbergen

    not sure why they couldn’t design different bunker buildings for the axis vs allies

    • blkdymnd

      I think it was an excuse for Paolo to being back the old AT:43 bunker design, so it took minimal design costs for the exterior. Just new textures for the outside. I agree that a little tweak in design wouldn’t have been bad. The SSU will employ the same design for their Tesla bunker

      • grimbergen

        Did Paolo actually design the minis?

        I thought he just provided the background and some overall concept art, but they had specific artists/designers working on the actual products?

        • blkdymnd

          I’m sure he has a team of artists/3d designers under him, but Paolo is the creator and creative director for Dust. He runs the design and Olivier Zamfirescu is in charge of rules development. Vincent Fontaine does all the painting and studio diorama work. Those are the three leads for the Dust universe right now.

      • Dahak

        While similar since its a Bunker, there are significant differences in design [2 doors, profile of the roof, lack of the top mount and wall connectors] as well as in surface texture.

        It’s nice but it isn’t just the AT-43 bunker with some stuff thrown in.

        • blkdymnd

          It’s more than similar, it is the same base design. I didn’t say it was the AT:43 bunker with stuff thrown in, I said he built the new bunker design from that old bunker. It obviously has some tweaks and texturing gone into it, but for all intents and purposes, it’s kind of a rebirth of one of my favorite terrain pieces

          • grimbergen

            I agree it’s very similar and I initially thought of thought of the AT43 bunker. But I suppose that’s due to the AT43 version being loosely based on ww2 style bunkers anyway, so it makes sense they carried it to Dust.