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Battlefront Previews The Leopard For Team Yankee

"Protection? Protection from what? Ze Germans?"
It might actually not be a bad idea to protect yourself against Ze Germans (specifically in this case the West Germans), as they'll be making their way to Team Yankee in a couple months. Battlefront has posted up a preview of what you can expect in their book, Leopard.

The book will focus on Hauptmann Müller’s Kampfgruppe group of Leopard 2 Tanks and how they defended Northern Germany against the Soviets during WWIII. There is extensive background on the West German Army, the 1st Panzer Division, and Kampfgruppe Müller. There's also rules on how to build Panzer, Panzergrenadier, or Panzeraufklärungs companies. After you have those made, you can take to the field with three different scenarios. Finally, to make sure they look good, there's a painting guide.

Expect the book on store shelves this July.