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Battlefront previews new Panzer Company box set for Flames of War

Battlefront has another new Flames of War preview with their Panzer Company box set.

From the preview:

The panzer brigades used tried and tested battle group tactics learned on the Eastern Front during 1943 and early 1944. By grouping all of their armoured assets into a single battle group and launching lightning-fast strikes against enemy spearheads they could destroy the attacking force before it could be reinforced. The 106. Panzerbrigade FHH received 36 of the latest production Panther tanks, as well as 11 of the very first production run of Panzer IV/70 tank hunters. Supported by armoured infantry and self propelled anti-aircraft units they were capable of delivering a bloody nose to any American unit in their way.

Feldherrnhalle Panzerkompanie box set includes:

One Company HQ with two Panther G, two Panzer Platoons with three Panther G each, one Weapons Platoon with three Panzer IV/70 (V), one Anti-aircraft Platoon with four Möbelwagon, one Panther G Objective Marker, one Panzer IV J Objective Marker, two Tank Commander sprues, six Stowage sprues, one German Token Set, one German Dice Set, twenty four Rare Earth Magnets & two Decal sheets.