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Battlefront Previews Flames of War 4th Edition Releases

2016 may have been the Year of New Editions, but that doesn't mean 2017 won't have some of its own rolling out. One such includes the 4th edition of the very popular WWII game, Flames of War. For the initial rollout of this updated set, the folks at Battlefront are headed to the deserts of North Africa. They've posted up some previews of the books and box sets you can expect to show up on store shelves.

As one would expect, if you're going to North Africa, you're going to be dealing with Rommel and Monty. The two fought hard over the dunes, each one looking to land the knock-out punch. Both of those two famous generals will be getting box sets and books associated with their forces. But that's just scratching the surface, as there'll be other plastic kits, paint sets, terrain sets, and other books coming.