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Battlefront Preps For Avanti Launch

Avanti is the new book coming out for Flames of War, focusing on the Italian army and their actions along the northern portions of Africa during the early '40s. You can expect it on store shelves in just over a week. But there's too much excitement over at the Battlefront studios, and they're excited to be talking about the release now. You can head over to their website where they've got a bunch of different articles up so you can be prepped for the game's expansion.

From the announcement:

Hey everyone! We’ve had a busy week here at the Battlefront and it’s the start of a new month (at least here in New Zealand). The Flames Of War and Team Yankee Websites have updated and we’ve got some news and releases to take a look at.

Our Avanti Live Launch is coming up. Mark your calendar for the 9th of February and hop in on the day for articles from the Studio and a live game right here on Facebook.

For Flames of War we have Phil who has written an article all about Avanti and our Mid War Italians, the sorts of units, the special rules and their close German allies. Check it out for a great preview of what is in the latest book. The Command Cards are also up for preview showing off four of the cards along with the Avanti Paint Set. This is a great box to grab if you’re fresh to Italians or you’re picking up some of the new models. Speaking of which, the Lorenzo’s Rams spotlight is live which contains the new plastic kit that lets you build the Semovente or the M14/41 so you can make whichever mix of these tanks you want, all backed up by the 100mm Howitzers.

For Team Yankee we are pleased to announce our new Firestorm campaign: Firestorm Stripes. Following on from the success of Firestorm: Red Thunder we will be continuing the story of the Soviet invasion of Europe that will see USA, Britain and West Germany preparing to counterattack. Check out Team Yankee for more details and also to catch up on Firestorm Red Thunder if you missed out on what happened.

Lastly we happy to announce that our double sided gaming mats are coming back soon, Go check them out!