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Battlefront Posts New Force Org Charts for Flames of War and Team Yankee

As war goes on, the organization charts for the various armies can change dramatically. As the military heads see what is and isn't working on the battlefield, they will adjust accordingly. Same goes for the generals in charge of minis games armies. Battlefront has posted up new Force Organization Charts for the Late War era in Flames of War, as well as for Team Yankee.

From the Flames of War update:

The Armies of Late War book was an interesting project. We wanted to provide an easy entry point into the Late War period for new players, while keeping things completely compatible with all the existing Late War intelligence briefings.

As there are literally hundreds of Late War intelligence briefings, the approach we took was to pick the core tank formations to collect, along with the most common infantry formations, and make them work with the V4 rulebook without the need for the EW/LW 1939-41 & 1944-45 conversion rules. The result is the Armies of Late War book and four decks of unit cards for all the formations covered in the book


From the Team Yankee update:

Our latest two army books, Stripes and Red Thunder have greatly improved the range of options available to US and Soviet players to the point where the old lists included in the original printing were out of date. So we have replaced these with Force Diagrams for all five nations currently in Team Yankee, as well as a miniature catalogue of all the models currently in our range.

These new Force Diagrams will make it much easier for new players to work out which nation they would like to field, as well as helping them to plan out the first armies. Because all Team Yankee models come with the appropriate Unit Cards these you can even start building a new army without buying the appropriate Army Book if you desire.