Battlefront looking to add a new person for Dust

By Polar_Bear
In Alternate History
May 22nd, 2013

Battlefront is taking over all things Dust from Fantasy Flight Games and is looking to add another person to their team to head up the project.

From the announcement:

Battlefront Miniatures is taking over the distribution and marketing of the world of DUST. We need a talented individual to join the Battlefront Design Studio (in Auckland, New Zealand) and take care of all things DUST related.

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  • Ghost

    Presumably a temporary position 😉

  • cybogoblin

    Hmm, I live in New Zealand. I also currently work not too far from Battlefront HQ.

    Shame I’ve never played Dust, but I know some people who do.

  • Monkey

    It’s actually a enjoyable game, my big issue is that it’s the wrong scale for me.

    You make all the Dust minis’ in 15mm, and I would be in like Flint.

  • pete_melvin

    “Presumably a temporary position 😉 ”

    Hahahaha harsh but fair