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Battlefront holding a Vietnam Sale

Battlefront is having a big sale on their Tour of Duty minis over in their webshop.


From the announcement:

As many of you may know, the end of March marks the end of the fiscal year for many companies. Here at Battlefront, our taskmaster of an accountant has given us a mandate: Make my end of year Stock Takes easy!

So we've come up with a plan to get even more Vietnam models onto tabletops around the world. We will be offering 40% OFF! all Vietnam codes, with the guarantee that at the beginning of the sale everything will be in stock. No complicated spreadsheets, just 40% off, right here in the Battlefront store. Once an item is out of stock, it will no longer be available, so jump in early!

To sweeten the pot, we're discounting the Tour of Duty Vietnam intelligence briefing to $10 USD. That's 66% off!

But wait! There's more! The maximum you will pay for shipping is $10 USD. This means if you order a mammoth box of ‘Nam stuff, you won't pay more than $10 USD (See below for details)!

Here's some questions you may have:

Q. Why the huge discount? Is Vietnam not popular?
Vietnam sold well beyond our best expectations. We were so excited the community took to it, and allowed us to take it from a small Wargames Illustrated supplement to a line of its own! We will continue to support Vietnam into the future with more supplements, models, and exciting ways to play. We wanted to offer an inexpensive way for people who may still be on the fence to jump into the fray, or for those already in the suck to bulk out their forces.

Q. How does it work? Is there an ungainly spreadsheet?
It's easy! The store here at will account for the discount, and no additional work is required on your behalf.

Q. Will there be stock?
We knew that not having everything in stock, especially the helicopters, was not going to fly so we have had the factory make some of every out of stock code so that the range is 100% complete right at the start. Not a partial range sale but 100% of everything on day one, but only whilst stocks last so don't delay.

Q. My Order shows my shipping is more than $10 USD, what gives?
Our webstore automatically calculates shipping costs, so your total will show as the calculated value. When we fulfill the order, we will chop off anything in excess of $10 USD!

Q. How long does the sale last?
The sale starts on the 13 March 2014, and ends at midnight on the 31 March 2014.