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Battlefront having a moving sale

Battlefront is moving, and instead of taking a lot of boxes with them, they'd rather just send them out to you. So they're having a sale.

In the past month or so an unusual confluence of events has transpired, and we have found ourselves moving into new warehouses in both the UK and US at the same time. I am sure that being a busier than normal year anyway, this was just payback for me from some crime in a past life (my current one is very pure) and that we found it absolutely unavoidable to not need bigger premises in both countries at the same time.

Having planned for them to be months apart, one was delayed (again my past lives coming to back to haunt me). Hence we have moved into new buildings in the same month.

The thing about moving is that you get a chance to start again and have a wonderfully tidy start in the new building where everything has its proper place and nothing is just piled up or stuffed behind something else, as tends to happen over five years in the same place, no matter how good your warehouse team might be. The result is a boon for you, as we have come across supplies of items that we did not expect. And so, for the first time ever, we are going to have a little sale.