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Battlefront goes all Wonka

Battlefront is running a Golden Panzer giveaway in blisters of their new tank platoons.
No, you don't get the whole factory if you win.


From the contest:

We're so excited about our new plastic Panzer IV H that we really wanted to have a fun contest to coincide with its release. By happy coincidence, the earliest test 'shots' we received of the tank were done in a shiny faux-gold plastic; we asked the factory to just use whatever plastic they were working with at the time to save them trouble. We were so enamoured with these Golden Panzers that we decided to pass the fun along to you.

So we've stuck one Golden Panzer frame (plus a ticket to certify you are in fact a winner) into three of the new plastic Panzer IV H Platoon box sets. One box set will be sent to each of our core markets (North America, Europe, and Australasia). So keep your eyes peeled! When you get your new Panzer IV Hs, tear off the shrink wrap and check to see if you're a lucky winner!

But don't worry; the Golden Panzer won't make the other tanks taste terrible.

Lucky finders of these tickets should contact to claim their prize:

? One copy of any book from our current range, signed by the Studio Team in New Zealand.

? Four boxes of your choice from our growing range of all-plastic boxes.

? A replacement plastic Panzer IV H frame so you can keep your Golden Panzer as a little slice of Battlefront history.

Happy hunting and good luck!