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Battlefront Gives the History of the Volksarmee For Team Yankee

At the end of WWII, Germany was divided. On one side, you had the French, British, and Americans. On the other, you had the Russians. All were allies during the war, but the differences between their political and economic systems caused them to quickly drift apart. The Iron Curtain came down all across Europe and that set the stage for the Cold War. In Team Yankee, that Cold War turns Hot. In this article, we get a look at the history of the East German forces, the Volksarmee.

From the post:

Volksarmee, East Germans in World War III is a 32-page hardback book that tells the story of Oberleutnant Fritz Fischer’s battalion of T-72M tanks and their attack on Northern Germany against the West German Defenders.

Volksarmee provides players with Army lists for a T-55 AM2 Panzer Bataillon, T-72M Panzer Bataillon, BMP Mot-Schützen Bataillon, and BTR-60 Mot-Schützen Bataillon, as well as card pack containing 17 unit cards, history of the East German Army leading into the Cold War, painting guides and scenarios for the Team Yankee game.

Look for Volksarmee at a gaming store near you!