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Battlefront featurs the Aufklärer 38(t) for Flames of War

Battlefront is featuring the Aufklärer 38(t) for the Desperate Measures expansion for Flames of War.


From the article:

The cessation of Panzer II L production in January 1944 after only 100 vehicles were completed meant that the demand for a fully-tracked reconnaissance was still high within the Wehrmacht.

With no alternate design ready to go into production Bohemian-Moravian Motor Works (or BMM) stepped in to provide the necessary vehicles by modifying chassis of the Panzer 38(t) that had been returned to workshops for repair.

The conversion process involved removing the tank turret and building up the hull structure before a 2cm Hängelafette 38 turret was fitted. Fifty conversions were completed between February and March 1944 and the resulting vehicles were issued to armoured reconnaissance units serving on both the Eastern and Western Front from April 1944.