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Battlefront features Type 94 37mm Anti-tank Gun for Flames of War

Battlefront is featuring a new unit for Flames of War on their website. This one's the Type 94 37mm anti-tank gun.

From the article:

The origins of the Type 94 37mm anti-tank gun were rooted in the Type 11 37mm Infantry Gun which had been pressed into service as a primitive anti-tank weapon. However, due to its low muzzle velocity it had limited success against armour therefore it was felt that a dedicated anti-tank gun was essential.

The Type 94 37mm anti-tank was based on the German 3.7cm PaK36 which had been previously tested by the Army Technical Bureau and like many Japanese designs featured a very low profile since it was intended to be operated from a squat or prone position. The breech operated in a semi-automatic manner; once a shell was loaded the case tripped a catch that closed the breech. Once fired, the recoil mechanism opened the breech and ejected the spent casing.

During the battles of Khalkhyn Gol, the Type 94 proved effective against the Soviet light tanks but struggled to penetrate the armour of the more heavily armoured designs.