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Battlefront features Tour Of Duty: PAVN Infantry Battalion HQ & Infantry Company

Battlefront gives us some more looks into the Tour of Duty game with a focus on the PAVN Infantry Battalion HQ and Infantry Company.

From the announcement:

The basic unit of the PAVN is an infantry battalion called a Ti?u ?oàn B? Binh (pronounced tee-eh-oo daw-an boh bin), or just a Ti?u ?oàn, a battalion. The battalion commander is a Thi?u Tá or Major, but is usually referred to in typical revolutionary fashion as a D Tr??ng or D Leader (after the code for a battalion, ‘D').

The b? ??i, foot soldiers, are the core of the infantry companies. As the troops of B3 Front are some of the best in the PAVN, they have an almost equal mix of the newer AK47 assault rifles and older SKS carbines. The squad automatic weapon is the RPD machine-gun, a modernised, belt-fed version of the WWII-era DP ‘record player' machine-gun. Each squad also contains a B40 rocket launcher, a Chinese copy of the Soviet RPG-2.