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Battlefront features the Type 92 70mm Gun for Flames of War

Battlefront continues their look at the latest releases for Flames of War with an article about the Type 92 70mm Gun.

From the article:

The Type 92 was designed in response to the short-comings of the Type 11 37mm infantry gun and Type 11 70mm mortar; both of which it was felt were lacking in adequate range and firepower. It also meant that the infantry had to carry two different weapons each with their own ammunition into battle.

To remedy this, the Army Technical Bureau set about developing a dual purpose weapon that addressed the faults of previous designs. The Type 92 featured a short-barrel gun mounted on a split trail gun carriage; the barrel itself could be evaluation from a horizontal position to near vertical by use of a hand crank. Lightweight and manoeuvrable; the Type 92 could fire a high-explosive (HE) round up to ranges of nearly 3km.