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Battlefront features the Regimental Support Platoons for Great War

Battlefront knows every army needs support. So they're showing off the Regimental Support Platoon for Great War.

Regimental Support Platoons


From the article:

With British tanks on the prowl, the German army has developed several weapons to deal with them. One of these is the relatively light-weight 3.7cm TaK gun, built by Rheinmetall. It has the ability to penetrate enemy tanks' armour and knock them out. It's low profile also makes it suitable to move across no-man's-land to support the infantry.

Infantry alone lack the firepower to dig out enemy troops and fortifications. To address this problem the German army employs the Minenwerfer (mine-thrower or mortar). Its high explosive shells are essential for knocking out enemy strong points. When British tanks are about, the Minenwerfer can be used to combat these beasts in an anti-tank role.