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Battlefront Features the M50 (155mm) Gun for Fate of a Nation

Battlefront continues their "all artillery, all the time" previews for Fate of a Nation with a look at the M50 155mm gun. It certainly can't be said that you don't have options in your methods of bombardment in that game.
I've got basically no knowledge of the conflict the game surrounds, but it seems there were lots of artillery pieces present.
Napoleon would've loved it.


From the article:

When it came to purchasing a heavy artillery piece, the Israelis turned to their main armaments supplier, France, buying their Modèle 50 155mm howitzer.

The Modèle 50 was further supplemented the lightweight, but hard-hitting British-made OQF 25 pdr field gun. As well as the original British Quad tractors, the Israeli artillery used the American Dodge ¾-ton and GMC 2½ ton trucks as gun tractors.