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Battlefront features the M40 106mm Recoilless for Fate of a Nation

Battlefront continues their look at new releases for Fate of a Nation with the M40 106mm Recoilless gun. The box comes with four guns and crew, along with gun pit terrain pieces, which is nice. Keep those Israeli tank commanders on their toes as your Jordanian forces bring these guns to the field.


From the website:

M40 106mm Recoilless (AJO511)
includes four M40 106mm Recoilless guns with crew, four resin Gun Pit terrain pieces, four Large six-hole bases, & two Base plug sprues.

Jordanian infantry battalions and brigades had anti-tank platoons equipped with American M40 106mm recoilless guns which were more than capable of knocking out any Israeli tank in the field.