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Battlefront features the M3 D for Fate of a Nation

Battlefront has a new feature article up. This one's for the M3 D Halftrack, for when you want a mortar instead of anti-aircraft guns.


From the article:

At the conclusion of the Second World War, the biggest consumer of the M3 half-track was Israeli. The high level of surplus vehicles still in Europe at the conclusion of hostilities meant a plentiful supply were available. Once acquired, these vehicles were amongst the first armoured vehicle available to Israeli forces during the fighting in 1948 (the first Arab-Israeli war).

At the conclusion of the 1948 conflict, Israeli continue to acquire M3 half-tracks from European sources and directly from the United States and by 1955 a concerted effort was made to standardise the acquired half-tracks in an attempt to equip two new armoured brigades. Amongst the modifications was the addition of a ball-mounted machine-gun in the driver's compartment.

In addition to an armoured personal carrier, the M3 half-track was a successful platform for various types of support weapons. Amongst these were variants to fulfil anti-tank and anti-aircraft roles. Also included amongst these variants was a mortar carrier. Designated the M3 D and armed with a M65 120mm mortar, the M3 D combined mobility, armour protection with the ability to deliver accurate bombardments quickly and efficiently to hotspots on the battlefield.