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Battlefront features the K-1 (T-34/85M) Ironclad Company for Tour of Duty

Battlefront shows off more of their Tour of Duty line with a look inside the K-1 (T-34/85M) Ironclad Company.

From the website:

K-1 (T-34/85M) Ironclad Company (VPABX02) includes five K-1 (T-34/85M) tanks, one Tank Commander sprue, five Plastic T-34 component sprues & one PAVN tank decal sheet.

The Vietnamese term xe thi?t giáp (ironclad vehicle) is used to refer to tanks. However, the influence of the English word ‘tank’ has also led to the use of xe t?ng (pronounced ser tung), or simply t?ng as well. Confusingly, t?ng itself means increase or up.