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Battlefront features the Infanterie Platoon (Greatcoat) (GE862)

Battlefront is featuring their new Infanterie Platoon in greatcoats for Operation Barbarossa for Flames of War.

Infanterie Platoon (Greatcoat) (GE862)


From the article:

The SS and a few elite motorised divisions are mounted in trucks. These motorised formations are able to keep pace with the fast moving panzer spearheads that lead the advance. The motorised divisions are the second line, following the panzer troops, securing ground and holding off enemy counterattacks.

The bulk of the German infantry travel on foot. This does not diminish their fighting ability or importance to the German war effort. They fight with the same determination and skill as their motorised brothers-in-arms.

No matter their transport situation, Infanterie Platoons are well-armed with a MG-34 machine-gun in each squad and access to anti-tank rifles and Panzerknacker teams.