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Battlefront features the Dassault Ouragan for Fate of a Nation

Battlefront features the Dassault Ouragan for Fate of a Nation in their latest article.


From the article:

In order to maintain equal footing with their Arab neighbours, the Israeli Air Force begun exploring potential upgrades to their jet fighter arsenal. However, it soon became clear that the only nation willing to sell jet fighters to Israel was France and after some alterations to the initial deal, the delivery of twelve Dassault Ouragans begun on 6 October 1955. The initial dozen aircraft were quickly followed by two dozen more in late November after it was announced that Egypt had brokered a deal with Czechoslovakia that included the delivery of one hundred MiG-15 and MiG-17s along with 50 IL-28 bombers.

As tensions in the Mid-East escalated, war seems inevitable. Fearing the worst Israel launched Operation Moked (or Focus), a pre-emptive strike aimed at destroying the Arab Air Forces on the ground in an attempt to gain air supremacy for the land campaign that would surely follow. With virtually all of Israel’s 196 combat aircraft committed to the operation including 51 Ouragans; Operation Moked archived its desired outcome.

With air superiority now established, the Dassault Ouragan were unleashed against the ground forces of the Arab nations for the remained of the Six-Day War and were used to devastating effect against the retreating columns of the Arab nations.