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Battlefront features the Centurion Mark 5 for Tour of Duty

Battlefront posted up an article featuring their new Centurion (throw him to the floor!) Mark 5 tanks for Tour of Duty.

From the article:

Centurion Mark 5 (VANBX01) includes two Centurion Mk 5 tanks, two Tank Commander figures, four Rare earth magnets & one Centurion decal sheet.

Of the many nicknames that the tankies of the 1st Armoured Regiment acquired from the infantry, the most unkind was probably ‘koalas’ (a reference to koalas being a protected species, not to be sent overseas, and not to be shot at), a reference to them not being sent to Vietnam until 1968. The ‘turret heads’ dealt with that nickname in their first battle, and after that the infantry requested tank support whenever contact with the enemy was expected.