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Battlefront features the 37mm 61-K Gun for Fate of a Nation

Battlefront continues their study of artillery pieces used during the 6-Day War with a look at the 37mm 61-k gun. This one's equally as useful against infantry and light vehicles as it is against aircraft. Rather versatile, indeed.


From the website:

The 37mm 61-K was originally developed in the late 1930s and used extensively on the Eastern Front by the Red Army against the dive bombers and other low to medium altitude aircraft of the Luftwaffe. Its high muzzle velocity and rate of fire meant that it was just as effective against ground targets such as lightly armoured vehicles as it was aircraft.

During the post-war years, the 37mm 61-K saw service with many countries outside the Soviet Union including those in Africa and Middle-East; including the army of the United Arab Republic during the Six-Day war.