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Battlefront Features Scorpion/Scimitar For Team Yankee

On the eastern plains of Europe, the British recce troops of the first and second were equipped with Scimitar reconnaissance vehicles. The third had a mix of Scimitars and Scorpions. Their job was to be a first-response group to any sort of Soviet movement. They'd scout ahead of the main British force, being on the lookout for any Soviet attacks. They'd also be the ones to go in when any sort of air-dropped troops were deployed. And they can do that on your Team Yankee boards, too.

So, what's the difference between a Scimitar and a Scorpion? That'd be what it's armed with. Scimitars had a 30mm L21 Rarden automatic gun. Meanwhile, the Scorpions had a 76mm L23 gun. The Scimitars' had a higher rate of fire, but the Scorpions' had much more punching power. Scorpions would head in when enemy vehicles were around, using their HESH rounds to take them out.