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Battlefront features new T-34 Batalion web bundle

Battlefront is featuring their new t-34 web bundle over on their website.


From the article:

We've just made it easier to field an all-plastic T-34 Batalion consisting of twenty one plastic T-34s.

The T-34 Batalion (Web Bundle) is available for pre-order via the online store and will dispatch from our warehouse in the New Year. If you have already purchased some of the new plastic T-34 Company box sets and need an extra tank for the Company Commander, we've added the Hull / Turret sprues (includes three rare earth magnets) and the Track / Accessory sprues to the Special Order range.

This Direct Only offer contains:

? four T-34 Tankovy Company box sets each containing five plastic T-34 hulls, five sets of plastic tracks, five plastic T-34/76 turrets; five T-34/85 turrets. five Tank Commanders, fifteen Rare earth magnets & one Soviet decal sheet.

? one additional plastic T-34 hull, one additional plastic T-34/76 turret, one additional plastic T-34/85 turret, one additional set of plastic tracks & three additional Rare earth magnets.