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Battlefront features M48A3 Patton for Tour of Duty

Battlefront has a new tank featured for Tour of Duty. This one's the M48A3 Patton.

From the website:

M48A3 Patton (VUSBX05) includes two M48A3 Patton Tanks with optional MG & .50 cal Cuploa MG upgrades, eight crew figures, one tank decal sheet & four rare earth magnets.

The M48 Patton tank was completely modernised version of the WWII M26 Pershing heavy tank, designed to fight Soviet tanks on a nuclear battlefield. Oddly, many of the lessons of WWII had been forgotten and the M48 lacked
a stabiliser and was likely to catch fire when penetrated. Its impressive anti-tank capability was of little use in Vietnam.

Much more useful was the M336 canister round, popularly known as ‘beehive’, filled with 1281 steel pellets that turned the tank’s main gun into a giant shotgun. The crews often moved the commander’s machine-gun from inside the cupola to on top of it, added another for the loader.