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Battlefront features Heavy Mortar Platoon for Fate of a Nation

Battlefront gives us a look at another unit coming out for Fate of a Nation with an article on their Heavy Mortar Platoon. Certainly not the best for surgical strikes, mortars are handy at causing chaos in enemy lines, their random nature making your opponent keep their heads down, even if the last blast wasn't near them. And to make sure the platoon does actually hit something, they've got spotters, as well as a command base to make sure everyone does what they're supposed to.


From the post:

The ML 4.2" mortar served the British forces well during the war and it continued to serve well into the post-war years with both British Army and numerous foreign nations around the world. One such nation was Jordan, who fielded the ML 4.2" mortar against the Israeli Defence Force during the Six-Day War.