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Battlefront Features Desert Rats Book For Flames of War

The North African Front is sometimes neglected when it comes to the history of World War II. It was a long and dusty campaign of maneuver seeing the Desert Rats facing the Desert Fox. In this case, it was the rats that came out on top. The Desert Rats book from Battlefront gives you a good look at the forces involved, as well as how you can use them in your games of Flames of War.

From the website:
The Desert Rats are the only thing standing in the way of Axis conquest of North Africa. Despite suffering repeated defeats at the hands of Rommel's Afrika Korps, they remain undaunted. Their speedy Crusader and Honey tanks can run circles around their opposition, backed up by the heavier Grant squadrons. Their motorised infantry are equally adept in attack or defence. With support from the Royal Artillery and the Desert Air Force, they are a formidable and versatile force.

Desert Rats is an A4 hardback, full-colour 48-page book covering the British forces fighting North Africa during 1942-1943.