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Battlefront Features Artillery HQ and Crew for Fate of a Nation

Battlefront doesn't want you to have to leave your artillery pieces without crew and looking like there's no leadership. So they're showing off their Artillery HQ and Crew for Fate of a Nation. While most of the artillery was surplus from WWII, it doesn't mean it was any less effective on the battlefield.


From the article:

The United Arab Republic, being organised on Soviet lines, carried things further, concentrating whole artillery brigades to maximise its effect. Most of the artillery was old Second World War surplus (even if it got a new name). The 122mm M-30 was the old Soviet 1938 model, while the Ordnance Quick Firing 25 pdr guns were left over from the days of British occupation. Some divisions had the Soviet 152mm D-1, a renamed WWII-era 152mm 1943 model. Despite their age, these still out-ranged the Israeli artillery, as well as throwing heavier shells. Other battalions had the more modern French 155 mm Modèle 50, a leftover from the days before the United Arab Republic when France still had an interest in the Suez Canal.