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Battlefront Early-war Sale: Last Chance

Battlefront has their Early-War sale for Flames of War coming to an end. If you want in on the action, better hurry.



From the announcement:

This weekend marks the end of our Early-war celebration and the conclusion of our sale. On Monday afternoon (New Zealand time) our pricing regime will return to normal. So make sure you log into the online store and order everything you want now.

Whether you're building a new army in anticipation of the upcoming release of Barbarossa, or you're putting the finishing touches on an older army, this is a great opportunity to get everything you need. Don't forget that the Early-war books are also on sale.

We have also had a lot of enquiries from customers asking if their orders can include non-sale items to take advantage of the capped shipping rate. We thought that was a great idea; so you can now add any Flames Of War product (excluding products from the Battlefield in a Box range) to your order and get the great rate on shipping!