Battlefront April Fool’s teaser

Its not really an April Fool’s joke and its not all news. Battlefront have posted a set of ten teasers on April Fool’s Day of which half are true and half are false.

From their announcement:

The creative team came up with a few ideas that would set tongues wagging but all of them seemed very obvious, so I decided to try something a little different. I am taking the opportunity today to tell you ten things that Battlefront Group has planned of which half are true and half are not. The ensuing discussion and speculation will hopefully be taken for what it is, fun, and at least let you know some things that until today you were not aware of.

  1. We are making a 15mm Captain America figure with special rules so he can join US forces in Flames Of War.
  2. We have the rights to produce the Star Wars tabletop miniatures game now that the Wizards of the Coast license have expired.
  3. A free Osprey book with be given away with every issue of Wargames Illustrated in June. True
  4. Early War has proved to be much more work than we expected and we have to move its release back by six months.
  5. Our next big thing is going to be a Pirate vs. Ninja skirmish game in 30mm.
  6. To help improve morale in the Battlefront offices, all staff is being given a uniform consisting of a black shirt with silver skulls on the lapels and pink piping.
  7. Having looked at the Pacific theatre, we have decided to make a naval game to go along with the Flames Of War books we are working on.
  8. We have a World War Two aircraft game almost finished so you will be able to dogfight your way through the war.
  9. As part of a new license deal we will be releasing themed dice and gaming sets for the greatest comic book heroes in the world.
  10. German forces will soon be able to add the Ark of the Covenant to their lists as a special occult unit.

Have fun with this and remember five things on this list are 100% true but five are not, so don’t hold me to everything the next time we meet.