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Battlefront Announces Tiger I Tanks Marsch Edition

The German Tiger Tank was one of the most feared pieces of war on the battlefields of Europe during WWII. It was no small feat to actually defeat one in combat. Many allied tankers would just do their best to avoid conflicts with one. Well, Battlefront is letting you field groups of them in your Flames of War armies, and they've also made very limited numbers of Marsch Edition boxes with extra content.

So, what is this bonus content? There's two objectives with artwork by Vincent Wai, showing the Tigers doing what they do in combat. There's also a 101. Schwere SS-Panerabteilung decal sheet, for your caffeine hands. Plus, those of you that like the game Tanks, there's seven cards for bringing your figures over to that game as well.

Get your box now before they're gone.