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Battlefront Announces Flames of War 4th Edition

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. In wartime, necessity is all around, and so invention and adaptation runs rife. While war games aren't anywhere near like actually being in war, that doesn't mean that things don't change and evolve over time as well. It is with that in mind that Battlefront is announcing that they will be releasing a new edition of Flames of War next year.

The new rules will be accompanied by a whole new line of plastic figures. There's also a couple new books, besides the core rulebook, which will be coming out. They will let you use your existing collections of figures, but with rules that have been updated to the new standard. And, as you can tell from the photos there, those two books will be available for free. Always nice, that, when you can get updated rules for your figures for free.

Expect many more previews about the changes as well as the new minis before the 4th edition officially releases in March.