Battlefoam release new Skaven and Tyranid trays

Battlefoam have released new trays custom fitted for the latest 40K Tyranid and Warhammer Skaven releases.

From their announcement:

We are so excited about the new Tyranid Codex that just came out that I had to get working on new trays. We just launched 4 new Tyranid specific trays to handle Warriors, Gargoyles, Ravener Broods, and best of all the Mawloc and Trygon. These trays are super cool and have been test fit to get the most out of the foam.

We also added a 1520 pre loadout for the Nidz to help people fill their bags out in a snap.

I know what fantasy guys are saying, “what about our Battle Foam love”. I plan on creating 25 new Warhammer trays and kits over the next 2 weeks.

We just added a super tray for the Skaven army. This new 6″ baby can hold the 1 Screaming Bell, 1 Plague Furnace 2 Doomwheels, and has an extra spot for a larger model or spare bits.