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Battlefoam has new Colossal Foam trays

Battlefoam announces that they're going to now be making foam trays for Privateer Press' colossals and their first one is for the Stormwall.

From the release:

This tray will hold one Stormwall Colossal. Two pluck foam areas are available where the arms are positioned on the model. This will allow you to customize the fit for you specific Colossal.

This tray comes engraved with the Colossal name and Cygnar logo.

Privateer Press logo and model name cannot be removed from this product. Additional custom text is not available on this product.

6 inch (152 mm) thick tray.

Tray Dimensions - 8.5W x 7.75L x 6.25H" (216W x 196L x 159H mm)