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Battlefleet Gothic: Leviathans Coming To iOS

Battlefleet Gothic takes the ground-based battles we know oh so well from the 41st millennium and expands them up into the stars. Unfortunately, it's a pretty rare thing to find on gaming tables these days. However, fans of the game will soon have a new way to play, and bringing in new players won't mean tracking down a bunch of out-of-print miniatures, either, as Battlefleet Gothic: Leviathans will soon be making its way to iOS.

The game looks to accurately depict the miniatures game, but in the digital realm. So this isn't just some game that looks like BFG, but it actually plays like BFG as well. At launch there will be 3 playable races, with more planned for the future. This is also going to be a game free from microtransactions. So that should avoid "wallet warriors" being the ones that win all the games.

Expect the game in the App Store this spring (so... damn-near any time now).

Note: auto-play video through the link, with sound. You were warned.