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Battlefields: From Broadswords to Bullets, Free for the Month of June

Do you like free stuff? I like free stuff. Most people I know like free stuff. How about a free set of miniatures game rules? That'd be pretty sweet, right? But who just gives away miniatures game rules? Quick and Easy Games is who. For the month of June, you can pick up their Battlefields: From Broadswords to Bullets rules set for free from their website.

The game is their primer wargame, designed for any historical era and for any historical army. It's set so you can use any HO scale minis that you want, depending on what force you feel like playing at the time, be it ancient Greeks to the current conflicts in the Middle East. Just for fun, they've also got rules for zombie outbreaks as well as a touch of fantasy thrown in as well. Because everyone loves zombies and fantasy rules. You can pick these free rules up over on the Quick and Easy website.