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Battlefield Game Designs announces Red Coats and War Hawks

Battlefield Game Designs is proud to announce their new 1812-setting miniatures game: Red Coats and War Hawks.

From them to you:

Battlefield Game Designs is pleased to announce the introduction of its second miniature games rule set, Red Coats and War Hawks, just in time for the bicentennial celebration of the War of 1812.

Red Coats and War Hawks is a historical miniature game that enables and encourages the reader to recreate various battles and skirmishes of the War of 1812, while using model soldiers on their own tabletop battlefield. This rule set has been set up as a skirmish style game in which players are assigned a unit of figures under the command of an officer, NCO or hero. Each figure is given a random number of actions that they can perform in their turn while dealing with the fundamentals of warfare such as command, movement, effects of small arms fire and artillery and the role that morale plays when the stresses of battle commence. Numerous examples are included throughout the rule set and several advanced rule sections are also included allowing players to tailor games to their own preferences when using the various scenarios included or when designing their own game scenarios.
Red Coats and War Hawks rule set also includes the following items to make this rule set a complete package as well as providing the reader with two excellent sources (Knuckleduster Miniatures and Galloping Major Wargames) for gathering their forces:
v 1 Complete Rule Set
v 1 Scenario Supplement with 15 War of 1812 Scenarios
v 1 Reproducible Detailed Game Summary Chart
v 2 Clear Artillery Templates (Reproducible)
v 6 Reproducible Figure Information Sheets

v 120 Coloured Figure Cards