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Battlefield 4 celebration sale happening at Bombshell Games

Bombshell Games is having a sale over on their website in honor of Battlefield 4 coming out.
Go and get some real little mans for when you're not playing with the electronic little mans.


From the sales sheet:

To celebrate the release of Battlefield 4, I’m having a huge sale on The Battlefield so that you can get your FPS fix on the tabletop as well!

The sale starts now and runs until November 11, 2013. During this time the PDF version of the game is only $6.99 , and it is available on Wargame Vault. But wait… there’s more!

The print version of the game is 50% off! Just use this link and enter the code ZCRWVMCU when you checkout. Note! This discount code for the print edition can only be redeemed here on the site and not on Amazon. This is a great chance for players that already have the PDF to pick-up the print edition or for new players to get both versions for a combined price that can’t be beat!

See you on The Battlefield!