BattleBunkerTV post Island of Blood Painting videos

BattleBunkerTV have posted several videos showing how to paint the miniatures from the recently released Warhammer Island of Blood sets.

From their announcement:

When we received our store copy of Island of Blood Michael was super keen to relive his childhood fantasy and actually paint a Skaven army. Elsewhere Matt dreamed of a world where painting High Elves would give him hand cramps and cure him of the desire to ever collect a High Elf army.

In Part One of Matt’s series he delights us with a playful montage running through all the elves in the box set with some hints and tips along the way.

In the much delayed and hotly anticipated Part Two Matt gets serious and paints the High Elf Lord on Griffon step by step taking us through the process.

Meanwhile Michael is batch painting the Skaven horde. Starting with a brief intro on how to cheat at painting masses of brown, we’re then treated to a musical tour of the rest of the Skaven painting process.