Battleboards posts Blood Bowl Arena

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Oct 5th, 2011

Battleboards an upcoming Wargaming Terrain company has posted pictures of their Blood Bowl Arena.

From their facebook:

Here are some images of the Blood Bowl arena we have been working on, these will soon be available form our shop, and we will be happy to place your own team logo or insignia on the centre of the pitch, this one is for Skaven so it quite muddy but we can provide any covering or season.

Blood Bowl Arena Pictures

  • Coach

    Looks great, though I’d like to see what the bare board looks like, or do they sell them already painted up?

  • MrChom

    So we’ve got a replacement board for the defunct boxset….now we just need some nice laser cut plastic templates and Blood Bowl is pretty much free of GW (I mean just look at how many companies offer alternate teams)…

    • cannondaddy

      I bet we’ll see another “limited edition release” within the next two years.

    • There is literally no reason to go to GW for Blood Bowl anymore. They have absolutely dropped the ball on a wonderful game, and I’m glad to see enough unofficial stuff out there to play the game without their interference.

    • MrChom … West Coast Quake and SSB are two vendors that make accessories that will pretty much cover any extras you might be looking for.

    • Walsh

      They still sell the boxset on their website with two teams, $82 USD isn’t bad.

  • Nightbee

    Looks good, but I’m sure it will be expensive and looks like a nightmare to transport. My felt pitches will see me through.

  • maroonldr

    After seeing the Dwarf team from Warlord posted I really want to play some BB but don’t have the rules. Do most people still play BB or do they use other companies rules?

    • Nightbee

      They still play Blood Bowl. The rules available from GW are the current/supposedly final set. Albeit without the background stuff or pictures.

      Elfball is the most popular of the alternate FF games. Pretty sure that the Impact! Miniatures site has some sort of start-up rules if you want to check them out.

    • Actually Blood Bowl is actually as big as it has ever been. The current rules are available on the GW website at

      In addition, the NAF is the player organization that handles tracking player nation, race and world rankings across the entire globe for tournaments ( ). The USA NAF Major tournament was just held at the Chicago Games Workshop Battle Bunker a couple weeks ago with the highest attendance its had since it started in 2003 (56 players this year at the tournament). UK NAF Major touranment was held at Worldhammer World in Notthingham in May with 183 coaches playing.

      So yes people definitely still play Blood Bowl

      • Brett

        C’Mon Tom, no love for the Spike? Or NAF World Cup? ;D

        Blood Bowl is doing just fine in spite of GW’s handling of the game.

  • Their web site is useless. No info just some pictures.

    • Battleboards Oracle

      That’s because I broke it yesterday, (she says looking rather ashamed) and was suitably reprimanded. It’s mended now and up and running with lots and lots of info and images 🙂

  • Their old site pages are still in google cache which I had a poke around on. I imagine this is going to cost £100+VAT at the cheapest.

    Also looks like they only offer them fully painted / flocked / grassed etc, While their products look nice, at that cost I’ll rather make my own.

  • Volstagg

    Even at the expected high cost:
    that is absolutely amazing!

    If my son gets into Blood Bowl like I expect him to,
    (well: ‘hope he will’ might bet better’ )
    I would absolutely consider this invaluable for
    “sacred Family Game Night”

  • cannondaddy

    This has inspired me to look into making my own board using a Zuzzy or Terrainguy mat.

  • mweaver

    It does look nice. It would also make a nice start on a graveyard.

  • Blitz R

    Well, it IS expensive:

    All the grand stands and stuff around the edges are extra on top. I doubt you would see change from 200 quid.

    Still, it looks great…the flat board alone is pretty damn nice, the other stuff would simply get in the way (in my mind at least).

  • Battleboards Oracle

    Hi All,

    Thought I’d better explain costs as I know how hard it can be buying on-line when you cannot see something in the flesh which is always a risk.

    The boards are expensive, BUT they are almost bullet proof! You can actually stand on these and not damage them because they are not made from polystyrene so the quality would be almost impossible to replicate.

    We decided to go for a high end product that would really last so the manufacture costs are very high and was a risk we decided to take. We were originally making them from polystyrene but they would get damaged and we wanted to make something that was durable and that you could not make at home so this was the end result.

    Each board is hand finished and made from dense polyurethane foam which due to the size is a lot of foam. Usually Pu foam accessories from around 200mm square would retail for £20-30 and the boards are approx 6 x the amount of foam so the costs are high to manufacture.

    Each set of boards comes with a sturdy box with carrying handle so you can transport them easily and a bag of matching flock. I appreciate the fact that these are expensive but when you see them in the flesh you’ll see why. It’s difficult to explain without you seeing them and we will always take them back if you are not happy at all.

    So all in all we know being costly is not going to work for everyone but we were tired of playing on cheap plastic, cardboard and felt and wanted something that had a bit of a wow factor. After all why spend hundred of pounds on figures and hours of painting to make them look stunning and not have an equally stunning terrain to put them on?

    • Nightbee

      Do you feel that the surface is appropriate, given the amount of time that models (which, as you note, require hours of painting) spend with their painted areas touching the board? It’s very possible that I’m misjudging the texture of this terrain, but it looks like it would tend to abrade the paint.

      • Although the surface is rough to look at the PU foam is actually quite soft. We deliberately wanted a material that would not damage any paint work so although the boards are durable they will not damage any paint.

  • cannondaddy

    I buy it if I had the money, The stands are a good price, I might get some of those.

  • Games Workshop have just sent a letter to us asking us to remove any reference or products related to Blood Bowl. Therefore we will not be creating any Blood Bowl boards or accessories.

    HOWEVER we will supply the boards unfinished soon so that you can utilise the boards and accessories in any way you see fit. We will also be showing tutorial videos showing how we have achieved our results :o)

    • At least they’re predictable…. ^^