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BattleBards Fantasy Audio Kickstarter Now Live

BattleBards has a Kickstarter up and running for new Fantasy Audio for your tabletop games. Though not just one or two or even a dozen tracks, they're looking to bring 500+ audio scores to your tabletop. The system works from your favorite web browser and is customizable, with ambient music as well as sound effects to enhance everything from fight scenes to bar scenes to woodland scenes and everything in-between.
The campaign is almost half-funded with still 28 days left to go.

From the website:

Spotify meets Tabletop RPGs -- Battlebards is the most expansive Tabletop Audio Library and Tools ever assembled to make your campaigns simply epic. And, everything is accessible straight through your browser.

Tailor-made background music inspired by fantasy races, voiceover scripts written to bring life to everyday NPC interactions, and a colossal array of bone crushing, spell fire blasting sound effects... this is immersive gaming at its best for the Player and the GM.

Starting with a library of over 500 custom-created tracks we plan to grow it to over 1000+ by early 2016 with new tracks being added monthly. We also have some great tools to help you organize your audio and even create your own custom tracks for your campaign straight from the browser.