BattleAxe, a new strategy board game, is up on Kickstarter now

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Sep 28th, 2013

BattleAxe is a new strategy board game set in the Dark Ages that’s up on Kickstarter and looking for funding.


From the campaign:

Kill the other player’s King and protect yours at all costs! Use your superior tactical strategy to overcome the opposing forces and cut off the head of their army. With your army of axemen, spearmen, swordsmen, archers, armed horsemen and your trusty engineer, take down the other King and win the game. It is a timeless concept also used in Chess, but BattleAxe has almost endless possibilities and O’ so many more options. Every time you battle you will experience something new.

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  • Ghool

    Holy expensive shipping Batman!
    When the cost of shipping is almost as much as the game = killing the project.

  • tankcommander

    Yeah..killed it for me šŸ™

  • Ghool

    So now it has free shipping to the EU.
    Funny, my country shares a border with the US, and I still have to pay $50 for shipping?

    • cybogoblin

      I guess it depends on whether or not they can do a deal with a distributor in a particular region. Seems to be much more common in the UK and Eurozone than it is in Canada.

    • Your country does not share a postal service with the USA.You get free health care. We don’t. Suck it up.

      By the way, I seem to see alot of complaints of this nature. I notice that nobody ever estimates the actual shipping costs before complaining, nor do they reference it in their complaint. Lazy self-entitlement…


      • Ghool

        I know it doesn’t cost $50 to send a single board game to Canada. If you’re using the flat rate priority boxes, then it does. But I feel those flat rate boxes are a rip off.

        I’ve seen plenty of Kickstarters charge different shipping rates, depending on your region, and have backed a number of them.

        • Please accept my apologies Ghool. Aiming my general rant at you was unfair. I really meant it to be a general rant rather than a personal insult!

          • Ghool

            Not to worry. I get it. Shipping stuff internationally sucks, especially since the USPS pulled a fast one and doubled the rates in January.
            I also feel your pain with the amount of nerd rage one experiences by being a project/game creator.
            I had no problem with the shipping for Incursion, and had my finances been in better shape when the pledges closed, I would have been all-in with BoB. I was more than a little disappointed I couldn’t afford it at the time.

            But, all project creators have to do is a little extra leg-work to include pledge levels or shipping costs based on regions, and nothing more.

            I back a lot of Kickstarters, and fully accept the fact that shipping can be expensive. The fact still remains though, that creators should do a little extra work to make sure shipping costs are realistically priced according to where you live.

            I get a little disappointed when I have to pay the same amount of shipping as somebody in Australia.

            See Euphoria for a more than excellent example of cheap shipping worldwide.

          • I had to take a look at Euphoria and I agree that was a perfect way of doing it!
            I can see how it would be hard though for a miniature centric KS with many different levels to do it properly, in that essentially you need 3X of every pledge.

          • Doh, that was aimed at Ghool.

          • Ghool

            Euphoria did a ton of work before they started the campaign. This seems to be an extra step that a lot of project creators are missing, and would pay off in spades if they did something similar. I know that Euphoria was one of the highest funded euro games on Kickstarter, if not the highest as a result of the extra work they did in regards to the reduced shipping costs.

            If you check out Jamies blog, he gives specific details on how to go about getting free shipping worldwide by utilizing Amazon fulfillment centers. However, it does take a lot of extra work to make it happen. But, when a euro that includes no minis at all exceeds 300k in funding as a result, it’s certainly worth taking a look at:


          • @Ghool Fantastic article. It takes a lot of work to get it right. Thanks for the link!

          • Indeed. Excellent reading. I skimmed it on the first pass but will check out the details depth tonight. At first glance it seems like a pretty good solution. Even as a partial solution for say, Canada if like us, other people are handling fulfilment in house and have a European partner.

            Thanks Ghool.

  • Cross

    Lazy self entitlement? Do you really think that the actual costs of shipping make any difference to the perceived value of a product to the consumer? The fact is that $115 for a boxed game is a lot to ask when others are picking it up for half that cost.

    Someone who runs kickstarters, telling customers to ‘suck it up’ when they comment on shipping charges that are close to the cost of the product (even despite the fact that the actual costs may be the same or higher) sounds optimistic at best, high-handed self-entitlement at worst…

    • Sorry Cross, I guess my badly stated point was really more that people should not blame the creator that shipping costs are what they are. And they are what they are. I just went through a brutal kicksttarter where it wasn’t just that people weren’t willing to pay the cost, I had lots of angry emails from people who were demanding and felt entitled to cheaper shipping. I made it happen at great cost but I fortunately had the resources to do so.

      • joshuar56

        I ship to Canada, quite often, and the difference in cost to ship in the US and to Canada is not $50. I’ve shipped some pretty heavy packages, even just a few weeks ago, and it wasnt even $50, and that same package cost me $15 to ship in the US. I’m sure the creator (or at least he should) already has some shipping costs built into the price of the KS. So you can’t tell me that it’s $50 on top of that to ship to Canada.

        • Priority Mail InternationalĀ®More info about Priority Mail InternationalĀ®
          Max. length 79″, max. length plus girth 108″
          6 – 10 business days

          $36.80 (online price)

          Plus boxes, packing material, labor, ink, etc., gets you to about $40 at the cheapest, so yes, expensive. Not $50 and you are right, some of that might or might not be factored into the cost of the game.

          Many Kickstarters (like mine) are doing a minimum size print run as allowed by the printer so there may not be any fluff.

  • I need to get back to work but I want to leave you all with one more bit that I think often goes overlooked. Global shipping prices for heavier items (like boardgames) have doubled and in some cases tripled over the last year and a half, with protectionist import duties often making that even more painful for the end user. The halcyon days of cheap international shipping are over for now. Hopefully they will be back. In the interim, any smart developer needs to assume that the trend line will continue as it is and that in the 5-10 months it takes to ship a board game, shipping costs will not only increase, but increase substantially. To do otherwise would be financially irresponsible to the developer and backers. Now, whether that should be worked into an overall project budget or tacked on as a contingency is up to the developer to decide and potential backers to decide if they wish to support or not but it’s a very scary issue.


    • Soulfinger

      Mr. Bailey, I don’t blame you at all for being frustrated. I’d say that the best thing a person can do on KS is list the estimated weight of what they are selling, the estimated dimensions of the package, and the delivery method with a link to the USPS price calculator. That way, people can look up for themselves what it costs the seller to ship the item. It won’t help with the people who insist on deluding themselves that 90% of all monies received by a business are pure profit, but it’s a good way for earnest customers to see that the honest businessmen really are doing the best they can with a bad situation (these price increases were a huge hit to a lot of retailers and cost them a lot of business, both internationally and domestic).

      On a side note, does joshuar56 send you locks of his hair or dead animals in the mail? Every time I read one of his posts to you, I imagine him typing it up while licking a photograph of you with a six-foot tall poster of the Incursion cover on the wall as a backdrop to some conspiracy map linking you to universal health care and the reptile people Illuminati who secretly run the world. That guy has an unhealthy obsession with you, and as someone who knows the USPS shipping rates for locks of hair and dead squirrels by heart, I should know.

      • If I singled out our lovely neighbor to the north, Zac would come out of retirement and squish me like a bug! Point taken RE my big gob nonetheless. I wish I could say I won’t ever have to eat my shoe in the future but we all know THAT’s not true šŸ™‚

        @Soulfinger: dead West Texas ground squirrel or one of the fat ones from up north? Could mean the difference between Priority Mail and First Class domestic.

  • jedijon

    This is absurd – and the project looks like a donkey’s backside. I’l stick to the 1 million other things I have cooking, and maybe that new bidding game and/or developing my own games. Man you people are making the internet fun this weekend. Just 2 more sites to check and it’s back to reading & hanging out….