Battle Systems unlocks the Mines of Minerva

Battle Systems is on quite a rise over on Kickstarter for their Fantasy Dungeons terrain. They've just unlocked the Mines of Minerva expansion.

Battle Systems


From the campaign:

We have just unlocked our first Add-on Stretch Goal at £75K, and it's a winner…

The Mines of Minerva are available to add to your pledge right now. We have made two add-ons for this and you can choose whichever suits you best.

Standard Mines…
This set gives you all the Mine components as per the Stretch Goal image. A great add-on that adds a whole new themed area to your terrain and really brings new flexibility to scenarios.

Entrance x1
Scaffolding x1
Cart x1
Curve Tracks x1
Straight Track x1
Gold Counters x4

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