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Battle Systems previews pieces from upcoming terrain Kickstarter

Battle Systems is showing off some preview shots of the terrain they'll be looking to fund with their upcoming Kickstarter campaign.


From the preview:

Ok, it's update time. Then it might go calm again (just before the storm ;o).

So we have finished the KS Video final edit and the KS page is having it's final adjustments made too. We will be giving a few of you access to it just prior to launch for feedback to make sure we are communicating ourselves correctly.

Those of you chosen will have access for 24 hours. In that time you will need to view and give your feedback. After this we will be submitting the KS for launch. This will all happen very shortly. We are expecting some final quotes in for the postage tomorrow and Friday, this will then allow us to update the KS page.

We will then be asking for your help to spread the word in a true countdown to launch fashion. So lock and load, Battle Systems needs you.

In the mean time here are some photos with comments to keep you going.

Thanks again for your patients while we finalise the costs that allow us to set the correct pledge levels.