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Battle Systems posts update about post-Kickstarter progress

Battle Systems gives us a look at the "whites" that they're working on for their terrain system the successfully funded through Kickstarter.


From the update:

Hi All,
Well we have been busy. Those of you who are backers will already know this with the KS automatic updates. However just a quick post to show you a sneak peak of the white copies we have had made.

These are the test tools (even thought we had already had test tools made) and they will make sure that everything fits together nicely before we go for the full manufacturing run.

We will post a full report on these over the next few weeks.

If anyone missed the KickStarter and wants to get in on the action there is a small window before we manufacture where we can add you to our Pledge Manager. If you are interested just email us direct on

Hope you all had a jolly nice Xmas and are ready for the new year... we certainly are :o)