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Battle Systems funds, adds stretch goals and add-ons for Sci-Fi Terrain

Battle Systems has made it more than 2x funded already for their Sci-Fi Modular Terrain Kickstarter campaign. They've gone through some stretch goals and added some add-ons. Go check it out.


From the campaign:

Floor tiles have arrived...

Grab them while they're hot... well actually they are not going anywhere.

You were asking for them, so we have brought them forward ahead of schedule. You have two options. A small set that will just expand your floor and a full set that will open the board a lot. Now you are still going to need to fill it with Walls and stuff to pack them out, but these are all in the main sets. Also we will open up more add ons as we go and even upgrade some along the way. See next Stretch goal 5 for upgrade ;o) it's just arrived while you were reading this.

Anyway here they are.